Doctor Calico

Doctor Calico (voiced by Malcom McDowell) in the Bolt TV show

Doctor Calico
  • Age: 47 years
  • Hair Color: Black with white streaks on either side
  • Eye Color: Brown with one green eye
  • Voiced by: Malcom McDowell

He will appear again in Bolt: Omega Dog (TV series).

Dr. Calico (or simply as just "Calico," also called "The Man With The Green Eye" or "The Green-Eyed Man") is the "(secondary) antagonist" in the TV show that Bolt and Penny work in. Although he is a villanesque person, he isn't an actual villain, but merely an actor. Bolt, however, thinks he is a true villain, and is always promising to get him for real. Whenever Penny is not around, Bolt always thinks that Calico is the guilty. After Bolt goes missing from the studio, they quickly found a replacement dog, however it got scared during an episode recording and accidentally causes a fire. Calico, like the rest of the crew, survived the fire and continues his role as a villain in the show.